International Conference: Fostering Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Accessibility in East Africa

The International Conference "Fostering Cooperation in Energy Efficiency and Accessibility in East Africa" organised in the framework of the ENRICH and SUCCEED Network projects, financed by the European Commission through the EU-ACP cooperation programmes ACP S&T and EDULINK, took place on 13th-14th March 2017 in Z Ocean Hotel Kihinani, Zanzibar, Tanzania. The conference was co-hosted by Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and Mzumbe University.

The Conference was inaugurated by the Principal Secretary of the Ministry, Water, Energy and Environment of Zanzibar. Participants included representatives from Higher Education Institutions, policy makers, private sector and NGOs from Burundi, Kenya, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Suriname, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and from the EU from Spain and Scotland.

The main aim of the conference was to encourage dialogue and strengthen cooperation links in the energy sector in East Africa, enhancing awareness of the real needs of Science, Technology and Innovation related to Energy Access and Efficiency and fostering discussions on how the Higher Education system could contribute to this.

Discussions on the main challenges in the field of energy in East Africa and on the role of HEIs in addressing the energy challenges in East Africa took place during the round tables conducted each day following the morning presentations.

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International Energy Conference Agenda



PDF icon Conference agenda800.26 KB
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PDF icon Project SUCCEED Network Results4.42 MB
PDF icon Energy Access Challenges East Africa1.41 MB
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PDF icon ENRICH Status of EAENet401.28 KB
PDF icon East African Higher Education Network on Sustainable and Energy Efficient Campus Development667.8 KB
PDF icon Lesson Learned from Implementing Energy Efficiency Projects in Tanzania8.56 MB
PDF icon Developing Tools for Sustainable and Energy Efficient Campus Development12.35 MB
PDF icon Technical Assistance for the Implementation of Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Projects1.61 MB
PDF icon Study of Poor Power Quality in ZECO Distribution System 343.98 KB
PDF icon Main challenges in the field of energy in East Africa: Renewable energy2.49 MB
PDF icon Renewable Energy in East Africa and the EU Perspective 2.27 MB
PDF icon Road to an Adaptive Strategy for Renewable Energy Research for Southern Africa4.57 MB
PDF icon Energy Access, Security and Efficiency through the L3EAP Project4.31 MB
PDF icon The ANEER Project, sharing e-learning and Geospa:al Data17.02 MB
PDF icon Southern Africa Sustainable Energy Ini>a>ve7.68 MB
PDF icon Capacity building in applied renewable energy technologies in Guyana and Suriname: project)1.65 MB
PDF icon Experience of Biogas Technologies as an Alternative Source of Energy and Fertilizer 5.38 MB
PDF icon Renewable Energy access in Zanzibar9.71 MB
PDF icon Burundi National Energy Report1.52 MB
PDF icon Kenya National Energy report1.05 MB
PDF icon Rwanda National Energy Report2.62 MB
PDF icon Tanzania National Energy Report1.05 MB
PDF icon Uganda National Energy Report2.08 MB
PDF icon The Role of HEIs in Addressing the Energy Challenges in East Africa753.98 KB
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