An in-depth analysis of the situation with the innovation ecosystem in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will be carried out (capacities in research and innovation, research and innovation policies, research and innovation support services, environment for knowledge transfer…). This will be followed by intensive training of managers and researchers (particularly in the energy field) at the participating higher education institutions (HEIs) on the fundamentals of research and innovation support topics (incl. fundraising). In addition, three national research and innovation support networks will be established, along with a regional web portal for information and resource exchange, which will also contain a database of experts. Most importantly, a dialogue will be initiated between HEIs, research institutes and policy makers to boost regional cooperation, with the ultimate goal of regional growth.

Phase I: Comparative analysis and recommendations – a profound understanding of the current situation with research and innovation activities, support service operations and management will lead to recommendations to the management of HEIs and of ministries of education, science and technology, energy and industry.

Phase II: Trainings for trainers – 60 trainers (managers and researchers at HEIs) will be trained in the fundamental aspects of technology and innovation management and activities (based on the outcomes of Phase I):

  • Research support offices, policies and procedures.
  • Fundraising, grant writing and project management.
  • Knowledge transfer and intellectual property management.

Phase III: Creation and implementation of three national networks and policy dialogue – national STI support networks, responsible for holding trainings and networking for larger outreach, will be established at universities in each country. Knowledge-enhanced trainers (trained in Phase II) will adapt lessons learnt to local contexts. The web portal, a regional platform, will facilitate information exchange and regional cooperation. It will contain a database of experts in the energy and environment sectors. Collaboration and dialogue will be taken up to the policy-making level, both nationally (two roundtables) and regionally (two supranational conferences) with the involvement of the ministries of education, science and technology of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Experts will be identified and invited to join the supranational conferences.