About us

ENRICH, Enhancing Energy Accessibility & Efficiency through establishing sustainable STI Support National Networks with a regional dimension in East Africa, will promote regional co-operation in the energy and environment sectors in East African countries by establishing three national networks to support science, technology and innovation (STI) and a regional portal with a database of experts. This infrastructure will foster regional dialogue among academia, researchers, industries and policy makers, improving the flow of communication between the levels of policy and operation. Managers and researchers will be trained in crucial aspects of innovation management and will replicate these trainings through national support networks. Collaboration and dialogue with policy makers will take place at national (round tables) and regional (supranational conferences) level.

The initiative has been drawn from the energy deficit and energy poverty, price volatility and energy security in Eastern Africa. Restricted access to energy resources is hampering the East African region from sustainable development. Despite the energy emergency in the region, support from research institutes and academia is inadequate to address this situation. However, at the policy level, various countries have stressed the importance of energy access and quality research and innovations. Unfortunately, there is a mismatch between policies, political decisions and societal needs.

Enrich will promote quality science, technology and innovation (STI) support services in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda,  and strengthen co-operation links in the energy sector at national and regional level among academia, researchers, industries and policy makers.

This project will run for 3 years, co-financed by the European Commission through the ACP ST programme.

Overall objective:

To strengthen Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) co-operation in East Africa (EA) countries by promoting operational and effective management of research and innovation activities with a special focus on energy access and efficiency.

Specific Objective:

  • To promote a STI support culture within 3 EA countries by improving the quality of STI support services and its co-ordination with relevant stakeholders.
  • To create 3 STI support national networks with a specific focus on energy access and efficiency.

Outcomes & Outputs

  • Identified strengths and weaknesses of STI activities in the 3 EA countries through the comparative analysis & a study visit
  • Improved quality of STI support, and enhanced staff skills and capacity though targeted trainings & replication through national workshops
  • Enhanced and stimulated potential co-operation through the creation of 3 STI Support National Networks
  • Dialogue with policy makers & enhanced Network visibility
  • Enhanced public awareness